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"It is nice to know that companies still exist where customer service, pride in workmanship and quality of product are clearly of as much importance to the members of staff as they are to the customer."

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Why choose Blackthorn Timber
  1. A full and comprehensive range of products available

    We can supply and install every design and type of timber window and door in a wide selection of timbers and glazing options. Every time we visit a prospective customer, we are confident that, whatever the request, we can supply a window or door to suit.

  2. The design of the products

    Whatever the product, the design principles must remain the same in order to give long-lasting performance. Good quality timber, seals, ironmongery, preservatives and coatings are combined with product designs that will shed rainwater and prevent decay.

    All too often we come across poorly-designed windows and doors that leak, are hard to open and or showing signs of rot well within the first 10 years of service. This is not acceptable.

  3. The quality of the timber

    All of our hardwood and softwood products are made from engineered timber. Engineered timber is an upgraded form of solid wood made by bonding 3- or 4 layers of timber together to form the 5m long battens from which the window or door profiles are made. The timber is carefully layered with the grain running in opposing directions which makes it very stable and far less susceptible to bending and twisting - something that timber is naturally prone to do.

  4. Production control and accreditation

    Our timber doors and windows are made to very strict quality control standards which are independently audited to maintain Quality Assured manufacturing. Every element of a window has been specified, right down to the screw size and material they made from and these details are routinely checked to ensure compliance.

  5. Independently certified weather-performance

    Any window can look good but if it's draughty or fails to stop driving rain then it isn't good enough. Our timber windows and doors are independently tested in laboratories where they replicate some of the worst weather conditions experienced in the UK. The testing is to British Standard guidelines and all of our products have successfully exceeded the performance targets.

  6. Independently certified security performance

    Security is a matter of design and testing. A security window has to offer a robust defence against the opportunist burglar armed with a crowbar or screwdriver. Careful positioning of fixings and the deployment of strong hinges and security interlocks give our windows and doors excellent protection and most exceed the demands of the British Standard for window security BS7950.

  7. Customer service is our priority

    At every stage in the process we strive to deliver excellent service. There is no hard-sell but we happily give honest advice and guidance and all with no obligation. We'll come to your home at a time and day to suit you, keep in touch right the way through your project and 'walk the job' with you at the end. Our best sales resource is the growing list of satisfied customers and we want to keep it that way!

  8. Attention to detail at survey stage

    The survey is the last chance to get the specification absolutely right and the best opportunity to ensure that the new windows will look great, especially in an older property. The survey is therefore a methodical and painstaking process where every opening is measured from inside and out and clear drawings made. We double-check the design and specification of every window with our customers to make sure that we deliver exactly what they expect.

  9. Installation by experts who really care

    Our joiners have been in the business for many years and are selected as installers for their professional approach and great level of customer care. They do whatever they can to minimise disruption in the house and work neatly and efficiently to get the job done well. With an eye for detail they always aim to make the new windows and doors blend in with the surrounding reveal. A quick look at the customer feedback comments will illustrate this even better!

  10. Insurance-backed product warranties

    Our warranties are backed by an independent insurance policy to giving our customers peace of mind for years to come, independent of Blackthorn Timber. The warranties are transferrable so if you move house, the warranties remain in-place.

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