'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Quality Timber Windows


Quality timber windows begin with a tree
Quality Timber Windows

"There are timber windows and timber windows..."

Here at Blackthorn Timber Windows we believe that we supply the best replacement windows and doors in the market because of the unique combination of quality timber, great product design, top-class manufacturing standards, 4-stage preservation and coatings process and extensive independent product testing.

Windows made by craftsmen

Quality really does begin with the tree. Our redwood timber is grown close to the Arctic Circle where short summers and cold winters ensure slow growth and dense timber. To ensure optimum wood quality we specify the minimum density that we will accept for manufacture - anything less is rejected. Few UK joinery companies are quite so particular.

Computer-Aided-Design improves the concept

Computer Aided Design improves timber windows Every new product developed for us starts life as a list of target attributes covering operation, performance and aesthetics. Our designers put these ideas together into a drawing and then using the very latest Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) systems we 'build' a window or door on the screen. Then we add in the virtual ironmongery and open and close it to make sure that all of the elements work well together. Only then will they commit to manufacturing a prototype.

There's no substitute for testing

Once we have a satisfactory prototype we send this to an independent test facility to be subjected to the rigors of weather and security testing. Without this step we would never really know how well the design will stand up to 60 mph winds and driving rain. Although this costs money, we believe that this is a vital stage in the development of any product and we are proud of the British Standard certification that our products carry.

Craftsmanship and control in manufacturing

Timber Windows Suppliers The highly skilled craftsmen manufacturing our windows and doors work in a carefully controlled environment using very specific methods and materials. The whole process is independently audited and certified to demonstrate quality and conformity to standards at all times. The Q-Mark certificate is testament to this.

The proof of the pudding

All of the above elements contribute to the manufacture of very well-made windows and doors which have been designed and tested to perform in the toughest of conditions to give our customers warmth, security and durability for very many years to come.

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