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Warranties for Timber Windows and Doors


Our products come with a long warranty
Quality Timber Windows

We supply and install timber windows, doors and conservatories manufactured by some of the UK and Europe's leading joinery companies. All of these manufacturers are specialist window and door makers so they know how their products will perform over the long-term of their service life. All of them use high quality timber, industry-leading preservative and coatings, first class ironmongery and high quality glazing units.

There are certain factors that affect the long-term performance all windows and doors to a greater or lesser effect and these include the location (coastal areas have a higher saline content in the atmosphere, urban areas experience more traffic-based pollutants etc), elevation above sea level and orientation to the sun and prevailing weather. Other factors that can affect the service life relate to how well the products are looked after in-service. Just as with any vehicle or building, a small amount of routine maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating moving parts occasionally and ensuring that protective coatings remain intact can extend the service life of windows and doors by many years.

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