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Our sturdy entrance doors offer an impressive welcome to any visitor

Timber Entrance Doors
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Our sturdy entrance doors offer an impressive welcome to any visitor. Available in a wide variety of designs and in the colour of your choice, they complement any home whether in the town or the country. Glazed or completely solid, flat surfaced or with vertical grooves or a herring-bone pattern, with or without decorative panelling the choice is endless.

Tailor-made to suit your property they are hung on 3 tough fully adjustable security hinges. Multi-point locking down the opening jamb and tough steel security pins that locate into the hinge side jamb offer tremendous security for your property.

The 60mm door blade is reassuringly solid but perfectly balanced. This door is 35% thicker than most comparable doors allowing greater insulation against the cold and noise.

Installed with or without a hardwood threshold the door can be designed with a single or double side-panel to allow more light into the hallway.

Timber Entrance Doors
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Finishing Touches for Entrance Doors

We can make these doors with no glass or square, rectangular, circular or diamond-shaped apertures containing clear, patterned or translucent 'Satin' glass.

Adding timber glazing bars creates a more traditional appearance whilst the huge range of colour options means that every door can be tailored to suit every home.

Meanwhile, the handles and letter-plates can be made to suit the age and style of the property – hand-forged black or pewter handles suit older houses and cottages whilst high-gloss gold or chrome fittings look wonderful in urban and modern homes.

Entrance Door Options A range of handle styles and finishes from traditional to modern is available.

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