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Blackthorn Timber supplies and installs timber doors within the Newcastle upon Tyne area, and we offer the most comprehensive range of wooden doors in quality softwood or hardwood.

Quality Timber Doors with a 30 Year Guarantee
Timber Doors

We provide a wealth of information on our website about timber doors, but we'd be happy to visit your home or arrange a call-back.

We have a no pressure approach to meeting our customers and we always send written quotations following a visit. We understand that these projects sometimes take a while to get off the ground and we know that our customers don't want to be hassled so we simply send the quotation and wait. Some customers come back within a week, others take a month or even a year and that's fine.

Below you'll find a selection of work we have undertaken in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, supplying and fitting timber doors.

New French Doors in Newcastle upon Tyne

These French doors feature raised and fielded panels, glazing bars and etched glass to create a really stylish entrance.

New Timber French Doors

Made from FSC certified Grandis and factory painted with micro-porous paint these doors will stand pride of place for many years to come.

Contemporary Doors in Newcastle upon Tyne

This door set combines traditional styling with contemporary colour - a stable door in Anthracite Grey.

Contemporary Doors

With high security locking and glazing combined with the increased functionality of a stable door our customer got everything she wished for.

Made to measure door in Newcastle upon Tyne

This entrance door set combines traditional styling with modern performance for a fantastic end result. The classic ironmongery compliments the bold paint colour beautifully whilst the etched glass adds a contemporary twist.

Blackthorn supplies made to measure doors

Contemporary Hardwood Door - Newcastle upon Tyne

We install windows and doors into all types of homes - new, old and everything in between.

This contemporary door set - made from Grandis hardwood - sits proudly at the front of a house built in the 1970s and gives the house a smart, modern look.

Contemporary Hardwood Door

With sleek contemporary ironmongery and high security locks and glazing this door really does provide style and substance.

Grandis Wood Front Door

Entrance Door in Newcastle upon Tyne

This beautiful hardwood door set with textured glazing is a fine example of traditional style and elegance combined with modern security and thermal performance.

Entrance Doors Newcastle upon Tyne

Factory finished in an Oak stain this traditional eight panel door with matching sidelight is a fine example of modern manufacturing techniques. Furnished with high quality brass ironmongery this replacement timber door will welcome people through it for many years to come.

Draughtproof and Secure Timber Entrance Door in Tyne & Wear

Sometimes - in fact quite regularly - we find that customers love the timber door that they have but want something that is draughtproof and secure. This is a lovely example of a new high-performance timber entrance door featuring security double glazing, multi-point locking, all-round draught proofing and insulated panels - all at the same time as closely matching the original door. It's all in the detail!

Pretty as a Picture

What a lovely door in this house in Northumberland, near Morpeth. Made from Redwood timber, fully finished in Gardenia which blends perfectly with the sandstone of the house and with a period bar detail 'marginal bars' to the glass.

Multi-point locking as standard, double-glazed and with a brass 'bulb-end' handle as the finishing touch.

Making a Grand Entrance

We were asked to replace several casement windows and this front door of a lovely 1930's semi-detached house in Gateshead. As you can see the door and surrounding frame was glazed with original stained glass but with the pattern going right to the edge of each frame, there was no 'spare' plain glass to play with in case the new frames were thicker than the old ones.

Original door

The advantage of having 7 different joinery manufacturers supplying you is that there is usually one of them that can solve a problem like that. In this case we were able to exactly what we wanted from our friends at Brookeswood and what a fine job they made of it!

New door

As you can see, the only thing we changed in encapsulating the stained glass was to make the horizontal lead line-through from the sidelights to the door – something that was missing from the original glass.

Now look at the outside - it's absolutely magnificent - with 3 fielded panels and a decorative shelf perfectly matching the original door.

This is a fine example of the detail we like to go into to preserve the authentic appearance of an old property whilst adding in modern benefits such as double-glazing, multi-point locking, draught-free operation and insulation.

Elegant Entrance Door in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Our task here was to replicate the original door that was still in-service on several of the 1930's properties at this end of the street. Many of the nearby houses have succumbed to the generic offerings of the 'off-the-shelf' replacement door market but not here. This was a truly bespoke design and as you can see it looks fantastic. We have been able to supply a brand new door with all the attributes of high-security, excellent thermal insulation and great draught-proofing whilst maintaining the original style.

A combination of timber glazing bars and lead divides the double-glazed panel into multiple panes whilst the fielded timber panels below the mid-rail have an insulated core for maximum heat retention. The days of the cold hallway are over!

The polished chrome pull-knob and letter-plate complement the chrome finger-pull escutcheon which houses a very high specification "Anti Snap, Anti Drill, Anti Pick and Anti bump" 6-pin lock.

Traditional Townhouse Door

This is a door which comprises hardwood outer facings with a highly insulating core in the centre. Made-to-measure and to a design which replicated the detail of the old, draughty door, the replacement has high-security locking, a handle approved by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) as 'Secured by Design' and fully adjustable security hinges. The photo shows the door, which is in Jesmond, Newcastle, before we returned with the original stained glass encapsulated into a new double-glazed unit.

Timber French Doors with Integrated Venetian Blinds

This first floor flat in Newcastle had draughty French doors with free-hanging Venetian blinds in-front of them. Great for privacy whilst still letting in light but bad for using the doors and difficult to maintain dust-free. The solution? New high-security French doors with Venetian blinds inside the double-glazed units. No more dusting of each separate vane, no more climbing through dangling ropes and the same degree of privacy and daylight as before.

The Italian-made blinds work on a neat principle of magnetic drives. Using a cord on the inside of the room, a circular magnet is spun round. This in-turn spins a corresponding magnet inside the glazing unit and this drives the Venetian blind up and down, or opens and closes the vanes.

Oak Folding Sliding doors

This was a new-build extension on a house in Newcastle, with oak folding sliding doors and matching French doors to the side.

These doors divide in the centre, with 3-panels sliding one way and the other 3 opening the other way. Having an odd number of panels opening in any direction is always a good idea if possible as it means that the 'first-opening' door can be used on its own (as a 'pedestrian door') without needing to unlock any other panels.

Timber French doors in Jesmond, Newcastle

The nights are drawing in now and it's hard to get a decent photo after mid-afternoon but the gathering gloom as dusk began to fall in Newcastle helped to highlight the warmth and comfort of the interior of the property. This timber French door was an impressive size and with the glazed top-light above it really let the light flood into the dining kitchen in the lovely suburb of Jesmond, Newcastle.

Evening internal view of timber french doors

Insulated timber panels to the lower sections and argon-filled low-emissivity double-glazed units make these doors very warm indeed and with the all-round weather seals, multi-point locking, adjustable security hinges and Secured-by-Design handle they are very weather-tight and secure as well.

We can also supply these French doors in hardwood such as Sapele or Oak.

Blackthorn Timber Windows supply and install quality timber windows doors and conservatories throughout North Derbyshire, Yorkshire, the North East, Cumbria and into The Borders.

Click here for more information about timber French doors.

Evening external view of timber french doors
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