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Patio Doors


There's certainly nothing quite so effective as patio doors at bringing the garden right into the room

Timber Patio Doors
Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors provide an excellent solution when creating vast open-plan areas as they open without encroaching into the external or internal space. This allows maximum utilisation of the areas just inside or outside the doorway. No need to leave room for the door to swing open. And talking of swinging – there’s no need to work about the door blowing open or shut if its not fastened open – the wind is never going to send these doors flying!

They're popularity is increasing as their design means they offer the largest expanses of glass of all door types and the best glass-to-frame ratio. They are equally suited to both traditional and contemporary properties.

Timber Patio Doors

Multi-point locking and anti-lift designs make modern patio doors safe and secure whilst the option of one-way opening or two-way opening means that every design configuration requirement can be satisfied and apertures up to 10m wide can be spanned.

Patio doors from the inside

We can install conventional sliding doors on low resistance rollers or lift-and-slide doors which glide effortlessly open or shut courtesy of the lifting mechanism which disengages the door from the weather-seals thereby eliminating the drag. Lift-and slide doors can also be dropped down and secured in any position from closed to fully-open and come with a locked ‘door-ajar’ setting for background ventilation with great security.

There are multiple options for opening configuration as the drawings below illustrate.

Patio Doors Opening Configurations

They are available with both double- and triple-glazing, manufactured from Redwood, hardwood or Accoya and can even be clad externally with aluminium and made to tilt as well as slide.

As with all of our range these patio doors can be fully factory finished in any of our wide range of colours.

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