Timber Doors


One of the joys of living in the country if the profusion of wildlife passing through your garden. Occasionally this can present a challenge to the home owner and in this case the problem animals were pheasants. For reasons best known to themselves, the pheasants in our clients garden had taken to pecking at the timber beads at the bottom of their windows and doors. Whether attacking their own reflection or simply investigating for bugs we don't know but the clear message in specifying replacements was protection from avian attack!

Our brief was a straightforward like-for-like replacement with new high-performance and highly insulating double-glazed timber screens and hardwood fully-glazed French doors. We had to maximise the glass area to maintain the wonderful views over rolling Northumberland farmland whilst installing very secure and very weather-proof wooden doors. To maintain the rustic feel to the installation we fitted hand-forged black 'Twist' handles to the doors and finished everything in Gardenia, a colour which works very well with sandstone of various hues.

The pheasant-protection came in the form of profiled aluminium bottom beads which we had specially painted to match the windows and doors.

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