French Doors

Always a classic look, the French door provides a wonderful link between the garden and the home.

Timber French Doors

Our French doors are manufactured from purpose-made engineered hardwood or softwood for greater stability and can be supplied in a huge variety of designs to suit your property and the surrounding windows.

Timber French Doors

With an all-round weather-seal and high security multi-point locking as standard, these doors are draught-free, weather-tight and very secure.

Available in any colour and a range of wood-stains, additional features such as extra noise-reduction, 'self-cleaning' glass, anti-UV glass to stop the bleaching effect of the sun, integral Venetian blinds and many more can be designed into our products. And, being timber, you can have all of this in the colour of your choice.

Timber French Doors

Finishing Touches for french doors

We can make these doors with no glass or square, rectangular, circular or diamond-shaped apertures containing clear, patterned or translucent 'Satin' glass.

Adding timber glazing bars creates a more traditional appearance whilst the huge range of colour options means that every door can be tailored to suit every home.

Meanwhile, the handles and letter-plates can be made to suit the age and style of the property hand-forged black or pewter handles suit older houses and cottages whilst high-gloss gold or chrome fittings look wonderful in urban and modern homes.

   A range of handle styles and finishes from traditional to modern is available


No need to paint for up-to 10-years.

30 Year Warranty

Against rot and fungal decay.*

* on most products


To perfectly suit your home.


who take pride in their work.

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