'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Timber Windows


The colour of the windows makes as much impact on the appearance of the house as their design. The beauty of timber windows is that the design is pretty much an open book whilst they can be factory-finished in any colour a customer chooses. This gives great scope for customers to create just the right look for their property.

Colour Timber Windows

On this job in the Tyne Valley between Newcastle and Hexham we installed timber stormproof casement windows finished in Silk Grey. The windows open to the left and right with fixed sashes to the centre. This is a detail we always recommend in order to give the windows a balanced and even appearance. The stormproof casement windows can be made in either 68mm or 92mm frame depths depending on the depth of the reveal and the internal appearance required. With warm-edge spacer bar they are an 'A'-Rated window on the Window Energy Ratings scale and have a U-value of 1.36W/m2K.

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