'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Timber Windows


Our homes make a statement just as the clothes we wear tell people a little bit about ourselves. Large or small, urban or rural, the cottages, houses and apartments that we live in say something about the sort of people we are; our tastes, our sense of style and our sympathy for the building, its history and its surroundings.

Blackthorn Timber Windows pride themselves on helping their customers make the sometimes difficult choices about what types of windows and doors would best meet their particular objectives.


House of character: this house has been transformed by replacing unsympathetic plastic windows with high-performance timber.

The beauty of wooden windows and doors is that they can be made as traditional or as modern as you like. And they can lend the same traditional or modern character to the whole property. Take the recent installation in a semi-rural cottage in Northumberland, close to Newcastle and Durham, where poorly designed plastic windows had ruined the appearance and character of the building. Flush timber casement windows with Mock Sash detailing and an inspired choice of colour (Normandy Gray) by the customer led to the installation of new high-performance timber windows that really suit the age and style of the building.


These wooden flush casement windows can also be made as fully reversible sashes for easy-cleaning from inside. All come with multi-point locking and a wide range of handle options and a choice of colours limited only by your imagination!

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