'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Casement Windows


These timber windows provide outstanding weather protection, first class insulation and tremendous security

Windows designed to stand up to the toughest weather
Casement Windows

When you are looking for outstanding weather protection, first class insulation and tremendous security, look no further than our casement window ranges. Designed to stand up to the toughest weather, glazed with highly insulating sealed units and built to withstand unwanted attention these windows are tried and (independently) tested. Both the Stormproof Casement and the Flush Casement offer equivalent performance levels in all categories.

The casement window is the most popular type of window in the UK and one of the most versatile as it can be made to fit and work well in almost any opening size and shape. Strictly speaking, a casement is the opening light which is attached to its frame by hinges at the side, however we now use the term casement window to describe any outward-opening side-hung or top-hung window.

Large frames are divided into smaller sections by the addition of mullions (vertical elements) and transoms (horizontal). This sub-division of the outer frame is done for aesthetic reasons, or practical reasons and sometimes to reduce the cost for example where expensive toughened glass might otherwise be required. Such division is always best if done in a symmetrical fashion, otherwise a window can look a bit ‘lop-sided’.

Non-opening lights (any area of glazing is called a ‘light’) can be fitted with a non-opening sash (otherwise known as a ‘dummy-sash’) or be direct-glazed (i.e. the glass can be fixed directly into the frame). Although slightly cheaper, direct-glazed lights can cause a window to look non-symmetrical and are usually best avoided if possible.

We offer both Flush Casement windows (the more traditional casement) and Stormproof Casement windows. Both off equivalent thermal, security and draught-proofing performance and both come in a wide range of designs and glazing styles.

Also in this section are our Reversible Windows which complement the Flush Casement range and our Tilt & Turn Windows, both of which give excellent weather protection and security.

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