Flush Casement Windows


Traditional style with clean lines across the face of the windows

High performance windows with sleek lines and multiple options
Flush Casement Windows

Similar in operation to the Stormproof casement timber window, the key difference is that the sash fits flush with the frame rather than overlapping it. This type of timber window can be found right across the country but we've brought the design right up-to-date with energy-efficient glazing, security hinges and locks and excellent weather seals.

Sturdy construction and fully draught-sealed all round, these timber windows have been independently tested in extreme wind conditions and survived wind pressures equivalent to the highest wind speed recorded in Britain.

With multi-point locking, this timber window meets and exceeds the British Standard for security BS7950 and carries the Secured-By-Design seal of approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Timber Flush Casement Windows

Doule glazed with low-emissivity glass the window offers excellent thermal insulation and is available as a Window Energy Rating (WER) A.

Flush Casement Reversible Windows

Reversible Windows The Flush Casement can also be fitted with Top Hung Reversible hinges. These allow the window to open from the bottom like a top-hung window but to also be turned through 180 degrees if required. As the lower part of the sash is pushed further out, so the top-rail moves down the frame. At a point where the sash has been pushed so that it is horizontal, the top-rail will have travelled half its height down the frame. By continuing to move the top-rail down, the sash turns so that the outer surface is facing the room. This allows the windows to be easily cleaned from inside whilst the clever hinge mechanism allows the sash to rotate outside the envelope of the building so there's no need to clear window cills and remove blinds.

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