'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Stormproof Casement Windows


A high-performance timber window

in terms of insulation, security and weather-tightness, the Stormproof Casement
is also a highly versatile window equally attractive in urban and country settings, old buildings and new.

Secure, warm and weather-tight
Stormproof Casement Windows
Stormproof casement timber windows

These windows were developed in the late 1960`s and have outward opening sashes which have an overlapping 'lip' onto the frame creating a picture frame effect. The idea is that this additional lip gives additional protection to the window frame, especially when a second weather seal is fitted into the lip in addition to the seal on the inside of the frame between the frame and the sash.

As with all outward-opening windows (and doors), the harder the wind blows the more the sash presses against the seals, compressing them to fill any gap between the sash and the frame.

Stormproof casement timber windows

Outstanding security performance is achieved through hidden hinges and multi-point locking. Floating mullions (or French mullions) allow adjacent sashes to open and give an unobstructed view.

This window is independently tested to exceed the British Standard for security BS7950 and carries the Secured-By-Design seal of approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

These windows are double glazed, as standard, with low-emissivity glass, it offers excellent thermal insulation and carries a Window Energy Rating (WER) A. They are also available with single and narrow, heritage style, double glazing for those locations where it may be required.

Stormproof Casement Timber Windows

They are available in multiple design variations with top-opening and/or side-opening options and countless fenestration combinations. To compliment these windows we have a wide choice of traditional and contemporary handles and casement stay arms along with the option for Georgian glazing bars and variety of different traditional leading patterns.

Cottage-style Stormproof Windows
Cottage Style Casement with narrow timber glazing bars
Stormproof windows with leading
Square leading offers an alternative option
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