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Triple glazing

Many of our windows and doors are available in both double- and triple-glazing.

Most people believe that triple-glazing must offer significant benefits in terms of even better insulation but this is not always the case. If the overall thickness (from outside to inside) of a glazing unit does not increase with triple glazing, the benefits of the second chamber can be off-set at least in-part by the reduced gap between the panes. As a result, only a very small gain is achieved.

One solution to this is to replace the argon gas within te cavity between the panes with Krypton gas, which is much more insulating.

An even better solution is to increase the overall glazing unit thickness from, say, 24mm to 44mm to give two argon-filled 16mm cavities.

We can supply windows and doors with 'standard-sized' glazing units filled with Krypton AND we can offer 'proper' 44mm triple glazing with a U-value as low as 0.5 W/m²K.

UV -Fade protection

Having a great view through large expanses of glass is wonderful but can lead to problems of fading for flooring, curtains and furniture created by prolonged exposure to the sun. The problem is exaggerated where the sun only shines on part of the flooring or furniture, leaving a contrast of faded and un-faded material.

The problem is caused by ultra-violet light within the sun’s rays and standard double-glazing will allow one type (UV-A) to pass through. We can supply glazing units with a hidden layer of protection to block 99% of the UV light. And reducing the effects of the harmful UV rays helps your carpets & furniture stay looking new for longer.

Noise Control

If you live near a busy road, railway or airport or simply have a bustling neighbourhood late at night, then you’ll notice the difference when you stay somewhere quieter. The World Health Organisation states that noise is the 2nd biggest environmental issue after air pollution.

Whilst noise can enter your home through many routes, one area that we can control is the acoustic performance of the window. By specifying special acoustic glass as part of the make-up of a double-glazed unit we can reduce noise transmission by 20% over and above the reduction from a standard unit.

Acoustic glass comprises two panes which have been bonded together using an invisible acoustic membrane. This absorbs more of the sound energy to prevent vibration travelling through the glass. So for a more peaceful home environment and better quality sleep (which in-turn which in turn can improve your health & wellbeing) upgrade to acoustic glass.

Solar Control Glass

Ideal for conservatory and orangery roofs and for south-facing elevations with large expanses of glass.

We all want our double-glazing to keep us warm when the weather is cold outside. That’s a given. But sometimes the additional insulation and lack of draughts offered by modern windows also allows too much of the sun’s heat to flood into the room, turning a cosy environment into an oppressive one.

That’s where Solar Control glass comes in. Whilst approximately 70% of the sun’s heat will pass through a standard glazing unit into a room, by upgrading to Solar Control we can reduce this to between 30% and 45%. It is available in 5 colour options: clear, blue, green, bronze and grey and the general rule is, the more pronounce the colour of the glass, the more heat it will absorb.

High security glazing

Our windows and doors have multi-point locking and very robust security hinges but what about the glass? Most double-glazing is barrier enough to the opportunist – the noise made by breaking not one- but two panes of glass would surely attract attention. However some people are more determined.

Our high-security glazing meets the official police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ standard and comprises a very strong transparent film glued between two layers of thin glass on the outside pane. This makes the glass much harder to break than standard glass.

One other benefit of this type of glass is that on impact, it will crack but stay in-place. So if there is an accident on the outside pane, the invisible film holds the shards of broken glass in place and avoids them shattering to the ground.

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