Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

Sometimes the old ways are the best...

Traditional Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Our Traditional Sash windows are almost identical to the windows made over 100 years ago, albeit with double-glazing and modern weather-seals to keep the heat in and draughts out. The timber sashes glide effortlessly up and down, perfectly counter-balanced by individually-made lead or steel weights, hidden within the outer frame and connected via attractive brass pulley wheels.

Sliding sash timber window

The weather seals have been specially selected to provide a low-friction seal around the sashes, allowing smooth movement whilst forming a barrier against wind and rain. These are hard-wearing compressible seals, not the cheap brush-pile draught excluder-type seals synonymous with poor quality windows.

Brass or chrome fasteners close the window, cleverly aligning both sashes and drawing them together against their seals whilst matching hook lifts provide lifting points for moving the sash. All of these windows are supplied with sash-stop security which prevents the windows from being opened from outside.

These timber sash windows can be supplied with one opening sash, two opening sashes or none and in both rectangular and arched frames to match the existing arrangements.

There are various optional sash horn designs which can be shaped onto the inner and outer sashes.

Glazing options - these windows are available single-glazed, double glazed, triple glazed or heritage double glazed with special narrow glazing units.

As with all our products, the high quality paint system gives excellent protection against the elements for up to 10 years before re-coating is required. The flexible water-based micro-porous paint won't flake or crack as it ages, keeping the timber beneath it protected for years. Repainting is simplicity itself, usually requiring no more than a quick rub down with fine glass-paper and re-coating with top-coat.

Sliding sash timber window


No need to paint for up-to 10-years.

30 Year Warranty

Against rot and fungal decay.*

* on most products


To perfectly suit your home.


who take pride in their work.

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