Sash Windows


The timber window synonymous with Georgian and Victorian buildings

the length and breadth of the country is still hugely popular in new-build settings today.

Traditionally made timber sash windows
Sash Windows

The sash window is synonymous with Georgian and Victorian buildings the length and breadth of the country is still hugely popular in new-build settings today. When replacing sash windows, no other style of window comes close to doing justice to the property as real sliding sash windows.

Looking equally good in a country residence or townhouse, our hardwood or softwood sliding sash windows offer vastly superior weather protection and excellent insulation.

There is no mistaking the shape of a window opening designed for a sash window and in most cases trying to install any other type of window will give unsatisfactory results. In short, it just doesn’t look right. Similarly there are some window openings that just don’t suit a sash window.

All of our sash windows are available as single-glazed, double glazed, triple glazed or heritage double glazed with special narrow glazing units sometimes preferred in conservation areas or listed buildings.

Sash Windows lock

Our vertical sliding sash windows are available in 3 different formats to suit all requirements of style and function.

  • The Traditional Sash Windows, as their name suggests are almost identical to the windows made over 100 years ago, albeit with double-glazing and modern weather-seals to keep the heat in and draughts out. Lead or steel weights counter-balance the sashes to give effortless gliding movement up and down.
  • Our Slimline Sash Windows are very similar but have the sashes suspended on spiral balances. These do exactly the same job as the cords and weights but don’t need the weight pockets on either side of the window and so are often better suited to new-build properties and situations where there is no room to hide the weight pockets behind the outer brick or stone façade.
  • Our Slide & Tilt Sash Windows not only operates in just the same way as the Slimline Sash but also has the facility to allow the sashes to be tilted inwards from the top. This allows access for cleaning from within and also allows both sashes to be pushed to the top of the frame to present a much taller opening than normal – useful for emergency egress, or even delivering large items through if the doors are very narrow.

Finally, we also offer a selection of Mock Sash Windows to suit every property and budget. These range in appearance from the 'almost identical to sliding sash' type to windows that 'give a nod to the sash window style'.

Replacing Sash Windows

Sash windows are very often situated within timber-lined reveals with panelling or internal shutters which in many cases are still in use. These are attractive details within the home which need to be maintained and the new windows have to blend seamlessly with the old surrounds. We find that there is often as much time needed in the finishing joinery on-site as in removing the old windows and installing the new. Our skilled joiners take care of this and take great care to ensure that the new windows look as much like the originals as possible.

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