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horizontal Sash Windows


Also known as Yorkshire Sash
Horizontal Sash Windows

Imagine a vertical sliding sash window turned on its side - that's the Yorkshire Sash! This is a very old, traditional design found well beyond the confines of Yorkshire. Old versions of this window used to offer poor weather performance and were difficult to open once the timber had moved a little. Our version offers an vastly improved sliding system and advanced draught proofing but still with a completely authentic appearance.

Yorkshire Sliding sash windows usually have 2- or 3 sashes with one sash fixed and one or both of the other sashes opening sideways. Old windows relied on the strength of the operator to drag one sash open along a hardwood rail. This got harder if the window lost shape, or after successive layers of paint. Our Horizontal Sash window is designed with an innovative track system and concealed rollers, allowing the sashes to open and closes smoothly and with minimal effort.

This window is fitted with sash fasteners and sash stops so whilst they can be opened for ventilation, the opening is restricted for security and safety. Meanwhile, dual weather seals have been discreetly positioned so they won’t detract from the authenticity of the window and these help to retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture. We can supply these with 'conventional' double-glazed units for maximum thermal insulation, narrow double-glazing and/or single-glazed for Heritage applications or where planning restrictions demand this. The window can be putty-glazed as well should this be necessary.

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