'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Mock Sash Windows


Sash-style windows with outward-opening sashes

The look of a sash window but a different way of opening
Mock Sash Windows

For those who want the look of a sash timber window but a different way of opening, or who don’t have the depth in their walls to take a sliding sash window we have a number of excellent options all of which come under the banner of Mock Sash windows.

Mock Sash Dual Turn

Our Mock Sash Dual Turn timber windows are built from the same timber sections as our traditional sash timber windows, and have the same depth from the upper-sash to the lower sash, making them almost identical in appearance to a sliding sash window. However, they operate in a completely different way.

Mock Sash Dual Turn Timber Windows

Instead of the sashes sliding up and down, they are hinged at the sides to allow them to be opened outwards. The clever Danish-manufactured hinge system even allows both sashes to be fully turned so that the glass and frame can be safely and easily cleaned from inside the room. No more precarious ladders or hanging out of open windows!

The Mock Sash Dual Turn windows have optional sash horns to complete the look and are frequently selected for upper floors to complement traditional sash timber windows on the ground floor. There is also a fire-escape version of this window which opens wide enough to allow emergency egress should the need arise.

Mock Sash Edwardian

This window has a single full-height opening sash which is either top-hung or top-hung-reversible. A solid glazing bar across the width of the window and sash horns planted onto the frame itself give it the look of a sash window whilst retaining a more convenient functionality and the ability to open very widely. This window can also be supplied on fully-reversible hinges for easy-cleaning from within and to serve as an emergency egress window.

Mock Sash Edwardian Timber Windows

Mock Sash Casement

This variation on the stormproof casement is very popular in traditional-looking urban properties and newer houses in rural locations. The window combines the style of a sash window with the benefits of a modern top-hung casement. And whilst sash windows need plenty of depth in the reveal (the frames are at least 140mm front-to-back), this window will fit the narrowest of spaces.

Mock Sash Casement Timber Windows

Multi-point locking gives excellent security whilst the carefully designed weather-seal offers the highest protection against the elements. The harder the wind blows the more the sash is pressed against the gasket, ensuring comfort and peace of mind even in the fiercest gales.

Meanwhile the decorative 'sash-horn' feature to the upper sash evokes the style of a by-gone age, fully in-keeping with its surroundings. Timber glazing bars can be added in a wide variety of combinations to give a multi-pane look exactly to your specifications.

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