Slide & Tilt Sash Windows


Sash windows with a convenient tilt-in facility

Slide to open, tilt-in for access
Slide & Tilt Sash Windows

Slide & Tilt Sash Window open tilt For difficult-to access positions such as very high windows, it is sometimes useful to have a window that can be cleaned from inside. The Slide and Tilt Sash window offers this possibility. In normal operation the sashes glide up and down as usual. However the user can tilt the top of each sash into the room to an angle of about 50-degrees, allowing safe and easy access to the outer panes for cleaning.

Slide & Tilt Sash Window closed One other use for this window is where the window opening presents the widest/tallest area through which to install large items such as furniture. By tilting both sashes inwards and pushing them both to the top of the frame, a large, unobstructed opening is created.

These windows are available double glazed only.

Slide & Tilt Sash Window open slide As with all our products, the high quality paint system gives excellent protection against the elements for up to 10 years before re-coating is required. The flexible water-based micro-porous paint won't flake or crack as it ages, keeping the timber beneath it protected for years. Repainting is simplicity itself, usually requiring no more than a quick rub down with fine glass-paper and re-coating with top-coat.

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