Slimline Sash Windows


Real sliding sash windows within a slim window frame

With no need for a weight pocket the window frame width is reduced...
Slimline Sash Windows

The Slimline Sash window has the sashes counter-balanced by spiral balances fixed to the inside of the frame in place of cords and weights but in all other respects it looks and operates in the same way as a Traditional Sash window – so much so that they are frequently supplied alongside the Traditional Sash window on the same job.

With no need for a weight pocket, the frame width is reduced (hence the name Slimline) and the window can be fitted in-between the window reveal and still retain a traditional appearance. This is of benefit in new-build properties and any other situation where there is insufficient room to hide the weight pockets behind the outer brick or stone face of the building.

The weight of each sash is balanced by a pair of pre-tensioned spiral balances, each individually tuned to perfectly match the weight that sash.

As with the Traditional Sash window, the timber sashes on the Slimline Sash glide effortlessly up and down against the durable low-friction weather seals which surround them.

Examples of slimline sash windows

Brass or chrome fasteners close the window, cleverly aligning both sashes and drawing them together against their seals whilst matching hook lifts provide lifting points for moving the sash. All of these windows are supplied with sash-stop security which prevents the windows from being opened from outside.

These timber sash windows can be supplied with one opening sash, two opening sashes or none and in both rectangular and arched frames to match the existing arrangements.

There are various optional sash horn designs which can be shaped onto the inner and outer sashes.

These windows are available single-glazed, double glazed, triple glazed or heritage double glazed with special narrow glazing units.

As with all our products, the high quality paint system gives these slimline sash windows excellent protection against the elements for up to 10 years before re-coating is required. The flexible water-based micro-porous paint won't flake or crack as it ages, keeping the timber beneath it protected for years. Repainting is simplicity itself, usually requiring no more than a quick rub down with fine glass-paper and re-coating with top-coat.

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