Original Stained Glass

Nothing quite matches the clarity and lustre of real stained glass with sunlight shining through it.

Many of our customers have beautiful and characterful original leaded and stained glass in their windows and want to keep this. In fact for many, the very reason that they have not changed their windows, despite draughts, high heat loss and peeling paintwork is because they didnít want to lose this attractive feature.

Help is at hand! We can install new, double glazed windows and doors complete with the original stained glass, looking just as lovely as it always did, and in many cases even better!

And, if over the years, some- or even all of the coloured glass has disappeared, we can re-create the original designs using the traditional materials and methods to return a window back to its intended appearance.

We carry out this process in stages; first of all we remove the old windows and replace them with high-performance double glazed windows. This allows us to recover the stained glass in its frame so that it is better protected. Then the coloured glass panels are removed, carefully cleaned, any broken pieces are repaired or replaced whilst the leading is inspected and repaired where necessary. Then the lead is blackened once again before the restored panel is encapsulated as a middle layer within a new double-glazed unit. This is necessary as the leaded glass panel would not provide a hermetic seal and so could not be used as one of the two double-glazing panes. Finally, we return to the property and remove the temporary plain double-glazed units and replace them with the encapsulated stained glass units.


No need to paint for up-to 10-years.

30 Year Warranty

Against rot and fungal decay.*

* on most products


To perfectly suit your home.


who take pride in their work.

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