'Alternative to Timber' and Aluminium windows & doors
Tilt & Turn Windows


Our Tilt & Turn timber windows are designed to offer clean lines and clear views through a very warm window

Inward-opening casement-style windows
Tilt and Turn Windows

Hugely popular in northern Europe, timber Tilt and Turn windows are also widely used in Scotland but can be found right across the country.

Turn the handle through 90 degrees and the window will tilt into the room held across the bottom rail by sophisticated hinges. Turn the handle 180 degrees and it becomes an inward-opening sash.

Manufactured in laminated timber for strength and stability, this window has a very low-emissivity glazing unit, filled with argon gas to reduce thermal losses. Available in any colour and a range of wood-stains, we are also pleased to be able to offer this window with an optional aluminium cladding to the exterior - meaning you'll never need to paint the outside surfaces of your window!

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