Timber Windows


How long will your latest car last you? How about your new kitchen? What about your carpets and furniture? How long will your new uPVC windows last - 10-years, maybe 15? Will they look a little shabby well before then?

High-quality timber windows from Blackthorn Timber have a minimum life expectancy of 60-years. We install every type of timber window and door and all are manufactured with the same high standards of craftsmanship, using the very best materials and practices.

These replacement windows for a barn conversion project in North Yorkshire was a familiar story. Poor quality joinery had been installed during the initial conversion, probably selected on price by the builder. A few years later and the windows were leaking, both around the opening sashes but also water was being driven in under the glass. Our brief was to reproduce the look but with top-quality weather performance.

Windows and doors should complement the home perfectly and blend harmoniously with the brick, stone or render of the property. If the windows are the first thing you notice when you arrive at a house there's something wrong. This is why we take the time to discuss all the options available before our customers decide. The choice of colour makes a huge difference. Our most popular colours are shades of cream and the 'heritage' colours. Together with elegant timber profiles, these colours help our new timber windows to add a touch of quality and refinement to properties of every size and style.

An investment in top-quality joinery is a long-term home improvement that is reflected in the enhanced value of the property whilst giving immediate benefits of warmth, security and beauty to the home-owner. Leading property consultants agree that the cost of an investment in high-performance timber windows is likely to be fully reflected in a higher property value. But get it wrong and fit inferior windows that don't suit the property and the opposite is the case.

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