Timber Windows


The North York moors have been a well-loved destination for holiday-makers for generations. This installation, in the tiny hamlet of Danby, north of Whitby and close to Stockton, Yarm and the end-of-the-line destination of Saltburn was into a holiday cottage that has been in the same family for 70-plus years!

Our challenge here was to install new timber double-glazed windows to replace old steel windows. The windows are not tall and natural light is at a premium within the cottage. Steel windows are obviously strong and so can be made with narrow frame sections so we had to maintain the looks of the cottage and maximise the amount of natural light at the same time.

This timber casement window bay comprised 5 elements with the opening lights kept to the two end sections. The centre sections are direct-glazed for maximum light. Finished in a very appealing cream, the view from inside this bow window is magnificent.

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