Timber Windows


The most frequent request that we get is for the new timber windows to be as close to the originals as possible. The internal moulding details on our casement and sash windows achieve this very well whilst we keep the external appearance as close to the originals by careful survey and great attention to the small details. As a finishing touch, we can also recover, clean, restore and then re-glaze the original decorative stained glass and leadwork. The glass panels are encapsulated within a new double-glazed window retaining a nice link with the original windows and an attractive feature of the windows.

Black leading around stained glass

Here we installed timber casement windows (lipped- or stormproof casements) to a detached property dating from the 1930s situated between Durham and Darlington. Black hand-forged monkey-tail handles complement the black leading around the encapsulated stained glass.

Bespoke Timber Windows
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