Timber Windows


We see a lot of old single-glazed metal windows and doors, often with square- or rectangular leading on the glass. Although this type of window will survive indefinitely, they are also just about the worst type of window for heat-retention. Single-glazing will lose approximately 4-times as much heat as double-glazing whilst metal frames make excellent heat conductors. Add to this the lack of effective seals around the windows and doors and the ensuing draughts suck any residual heat from the room every time the wind blows!

The advantage that these windows have is their inherent strength which means that the frame and sash sections could be made very narrow. The biggest fear amongst prospective customers with metal windows is that they will lose an awful lot of daylight. Whilst we always point out that any replacement double-glazed window will have wider sections than the metal single-glazed windows coming out, our timber profiles are slimmer than most, (even more-so than uPVC windows) and we work with our clients to design windows that remain balanced and in-keeping with the property.

This installation in Hexham, Northumberland, uses our 92mm stormproof casement window and French door, complete with antique rectangular lead. Completed in June 2013 the photos show that we have managed to maintain the character and appearance of the original windows and door whilst providing superb insulation and weather-tight security.

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