Timber Windows


The village of Wylam, home to George and Robert Stephenson of 'Rocket' fame, contains a large number of 1930's-built detached and semi-detached houses. Typical of this period, many of the windows in these properties have decorative top-lights in stained glass and lead. This has often proved a barrier to replacing the windows as customers have been reluctant to lose their beautiful old glass in favour of the modern methods of decorating double-glazing. However, Blackthorn Timber Windows will not only retain this feature but can restore and repair old glass and lead and also make additional stained glass panels in exactly the same style using authentic stained glass, some of it decades old. These are then encapsulated within a new double-glazed unit which protects the old glass and gives the added benefit of excellent insulation.

The full window...

In this case most of the original top-lights plus a 4-light window at the top of the stairs were intact. However, two of the top-lights did not match the others and our customer wanted to correct this. Also important to our customer was the use of the same type of dimpled glass seen on the original windows.

We replaced the windows with a 92mm stormproof casement window complete with black monkey-tail handles on all opening lights. The stained glass was recovered, cleaned, repaired and re-soldered as necessary and then the lead was blackened before the panels were fitted within new sealed units. The large photo shows an original panel within a new sealed unit whilst the smaller photo is of the new stained glass units, made just as before with real H-section lead and lots of skill!

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