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Blackthorn Timber Windows supply and install timber windows within the Yorkshire area, and we offer the most comprehensive range of wooden windows in quality softwood or hardwood.

Quality Timber Windows with a 30 Year Guarantee
Timber Windows

We provide a wealth of information on our website about timber windows, but we'd be happy to visit your home or arrange a call-back.

We have a no pressure approach to meeting our customers and we always send written quotations following a visit. We understand that these projects sometimes take a while to get off the ground and we know that our customers don't want to be hassled so we simply send the quotation and wait. Some customers come back within a week, others take a month or even a year and that's fine.

Below you'll find a selection of work we have undertaken in the Yorkshire area, supplying and fitting timber windows.

New Georgian-Style Stormproof Timber Windows

These beautiful Georgian style, Stormproof (sometimes referred to as Lipped) casements look superb against the old (and equally beautiful!) brickwork.

New Georgian-Style Timber Windows

With high performance glazing, enhanced security locking systems and extensive warranties these replacement timber windows add style and value to any property.

Cottage Style Casement Windows in North Yorkshire

These traditional casements with glazing bars create a beautiful cottage style fully in keeping with the age and appearance of the property.

Cottage style casement windows

With high-performance glazing and security these windows really do merge the old with the new.

Flush Casement Windows in North Yorkshire

When replacing timber windows we always try to keep the style and appearance as authentic as possible. This traditional Flush casement with cottage style horizontal glazing bars and central dummy sash is a prime example. Factory painted in heritage green and finished with lime mortar it sits perfectly against the stonework.

Replacing Timber Windows

This North Yorkshire Pub looks back in time

Our customer wanted new windows to his pub but to "match the originals". This photo from many years ago shows the Wheatsheaf Inn in Borrowby, North Yorkshire, between Thirsk and Darlington.

Over the years the original sliding sash windows had been changed - either replaced or repaired leaving a mixture of styles but all of them practically falling out.

Being Grade II listed meant that we had to work closely with the local planning office to ensure the proposed windows met the relevant planning conditions and also the customers' expectations.

We installed Heritage timber sash windows with weights pulleys and cords, complete with single glazing and all factory spray-painted for a long-lasting finish.

Hardwood casement windows and doors to a Grade II Listed Cottage in Barnsley

This Grade II listed cottage near Barnsley holds an outstanding position within a small hamlet of similarly listed properties close to the Peak District National Park, meaning any new timber windows had to be in-keeping with the originals while offering a much-needed improvement in thermal efficiency and weather performance.

We installed new A-Rated hardwood casement windows with high-security multi-point locking and chrome ironmongery, plus a hardwood door and a timber composite front door. All the joinery was finished in a dual colour with an off-white on the inside to reflect more light within the old stone building. All these windows and doors come with a 30-year insurance-backed warranty offering peace of mind for many years to come.

Casement Windows Bakewell, near Sheffield

This wooden windows installation was in Froggat in the Peak District, close to Hathersage, Bakewell and Sheffield.

Traditional timber flush casement windows replaced the old windows, and are finished in a dual colour - Pure White inside and Minerva Grey outside.

These casement windows are A-rated with multi-point locking and a 30 year warranty against rot.

Stunning Grade II Georgian Property in Hillsborough

This 18th Century grade II listed Georgian style building situated in Sheffield is of the oldest in the area. When it was first converted into spacious apartments, only 10 years earlier, poor quality, single glazed softwood sash windows were installed and they were already leaking and suffering from rot. Our brief was to replace these like-for-like but to as high a specification as the local Building Conservation Officers would allow.

So we turned to our partners at George Barnsdale to supply the very best sash windows with traditional pulleys, weights and cords, narrow solid glazing bars and individual panes of 'Heritage' double-glazed units fixed with butyl putty. The windows were made in Grandis hardwood with accoya linings.

Naturally, Listed Building Consent had so be sought, for which we supplied scale drawings of the windows but the installation itself went very well indeed. What a lovely job.

Timber Sash Windows in Harrogate

This beautiful Edwardian villa in Harrogate, North Yorkshire has been made warm and cosy with our timber sash windows. We take a lot of care during our surveys to ensure that the new windows go back in just like the original windows with the same amount of frame showing behind the stone reveal. Too little and any discrepancies in the stonework are exaggerated whilst too much timber on show just looks wrong.

We have a range of sash window options available to suit every installation situation. So if a particularly narrow frame is needed in order to match in with the internal architrave, we can use our Heritage range of frames.

New Wooden Bay Window in Sheffield

We were asked to replace these original timber sliding sash windows within a bay window of a terraced house in Sheffield. The whole of the bay window had seen better days and the roof felting had long-perished causing extensive water penetration and rot. This window had survived bombs in the Second World War that damaged other houses in the street and was one of the few remaining examples of the original joinery.

During the survey, it became apparent that it would be a slightly bigger task than simply the windows and roof. Although the bay was built on-top of a stone cill, none of the supporting timbers below the bay were intact and in effect the bay was hanging in fresh air, ready to drop into the cellar below at any moment.

New concrete supports were installed below the floor-level whilst a complete new internal timber frame was installed to support the internal cills and panelling. Meanwhile, after installing new timber sash windows, we replicated the detailed external mouldings, built a new flat roof, insulated and lined this with lead and replaced the guttering.

This bay window now sits proudly as the best in the street!

Cold Steel to Warm Wooden Windows

Here's a great example of replicating existing styles whilst massively improving thermal efficiency.

The original windows in this house near Sheffield were steel frames in a timber subframe with all the drawbacks that they present - cold, draughty, noisy and lots of condensation on the inside faces.

By replacing them with these timber flush casement windows the property retains its original charm, everything is in proportion and the house is significantly warmer, quieter and without the 'puddles' on the inside.

The finishing touches were provided by pewter-finish monkey-tail handles and stay arms. We can offer a wide variety of ironmongery on our wooden casement windows from contemporary designs to traditional-looking handles in a variety of different finishes.

Oriel Windows, Sheffield and Northumberland

An oriel window is a form of bay window which protrudes from the main wall of a building but does not reach to the ground.

Here are two very different examples of this concept. The first was a simple like-for-like replacement in Sheffield taking out old uPVC windows and installing timber frames, complete with diamond leading, with a small corner-post in-between.

The second example was a brand new oriel window in-place of a flat window within the existing wall. Our customer had a rear garden on the banks of the lovely river Wansbeck near Morpeth. They wanted to be able to sit in the window and look up and down river, so we constructed this special window for them.

The window is supported by timber gallows brackets whilst the flat roof was covered with Sarnafil - a durable long-lasting waterproof material. The centre window is a flush casement hung on reversible hinges.

Traditional Style Timber Windows

Traditional Flush Casement

Here's a great example of a really traditional look combined with modern thermal efficiency and high security from a recent installation near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Externally the windows are flush casements with extended frame details made from engineered Redwood timber. Meanwhile, the traditional privacy glass is made into A-rated double-glazed units, whilst the hand-forged monkey-tail handles and stay arm combine with high-security multi-point locking. The best of the old with the best of the new!

Gothic-Arched Sash Windows

These are double-glazed timber sash windows made to completely replicate the appearance of the original single-glazed windows at this late-Victorian property near Leeds. As with the original windows, the box frame is square whilst the upper sash is shaped to follow the contours of the sandstone lintel above. This installation in April of 2016 was the 2nd phase of work carried out at the property - something that is fairly typical for larger projects.

Stained Glass Feature Window in Harrogate

This wonderful feature window looks like it had previously been adapted from original sliding sash windows, probably some time in the 1930's judging by the design.

With such a large area of glass these windows were freezing in winter so our customer wanted to make the room more habitable whilst losing none of the characters.

encapsulated stained glass timber window

We installed new direct-glazed timber casement window frames with 28mm double-glazed units incorporating the original stained glass in the cavity between the panes. Colour-matched timber trims were then added around the window to perfectly blend the new windows in to the old surround.

Casement bay windows in Leeds

This large house in Roundhay, Leeds has retained its original character and charm with internal oak panelling and an unusual mix of square- and diamond leading to the glass. We took great care to recreate exactly the dimensions of the leaded lights and to ensure that they were distributed evenly across the windows as well as vertically.

Timber casement windows in Leeds

The stormproof casement windows were finished in a pale cream Gardenia to the outside and white internally, whilst the black antique leading was further enhanced by the use of hand-forged black 'monkey-tail' handles.

The new wind ows, whilst looking almost identical to the originals, reduce heat loss by over 70% and also reduce road traffic noise by over 25dBA.

Old-Style Flush Casement Windows in Leeds

As an alternative to our usual friction-stay hinges we also offer our flush casement windows with traditional butt hinges, complete with the same security multi-point locking. Hinges are available in black and silver. Most customers choosing this design opt for hand-forged black handles with matching peg-stays.

Timber Sliding Sash bay window in Harrogate

This is an unusual bay window on a stone-built house in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Five individual sliding sash windows were joined together with angled bay posts to form the bay. The roof was in good condition and was not disturbed.

Also unusual for sash windows, these had projecting cills, which had to be cut and mitred together on-site. This is an installation job that demanded skill, accuracy and attention to detail and demonstrates why we employ time-served joiners and not "window fitters".

Timber Sash Windows in Ripon, North Yorkshire

Most of the sliding sash windows that we replace are fitted into a deep reveal so that the front face of the window is 100mm or so behind the face of the brickwork. In many parts of North Yorkshire however this isn't the case and the window is almost flush with the brick.

As always we aim to replace like-with-like and so these Slimline Sash windows were fitted in the same way.

Traditional Sash Windows near Harrogate

This mid-terrace townhouse near Harrogate, Yorkshire has been restored to its former appearance by the addition of multi-pane double-glazed timber sash windows. These replaced some inappropriate top-hung casement windows that did nothing for the look of the property.

When the new home-owners moved in, they wanted to return the house to its original appearance and were able to show us an old sepia photo dating back to the early 1900's where all of the houses in the row had small-paned sliding sash windows.

The mortar between the bricks was quite yellow and so the choice of Light Ivory paint goes very well with this.

Cottage-style Casement Windows

The character of this very old property in North Yorkshire has been retained with the use of our narrow timber glazing bars on Stormproof Casement windows to give a design to match the much older porch windows which was not changed in this phase of work.

We also installed a new high-performance half-glazed door as part of the project.

The windows and the and the new entrance door feature high-security multi-point locking and the cottage-look is further enhanced with the specification of hand-forged black handles to the door and the windows.

Sliding sash windows in Yorkshire

The old red brick walls of this farmhouse just to the east of York are beautifully complemented by the choice of colour (Farrow and Ball 'Shaded White') of these double glazed sliding sash windows.

Made in redwood timber, with sash horns to both the upper and lower sashes and fitted with polished chrome hook-lifts and fitch fasteners, we installed 30 sash window, a pair of casement windows, a set of timber French doors and 3 timber entrance doors on the job.

New Timber Double-glazed Windows To Replace Old Steel Windows

The North York moors have been a well-loved destination for holiday-makers for generations. This installation, in the tiny hamlet of Danby, north of Whitby and close to Stockton, Yarm and the end-of-the-line destination of Saltburn was into a holiday cottage that has been in the same family for 70-plus years!

Our challenge here was to install new timber double-glazed windows to replace old steel windows. The windows are not tall and natural light is at a premium within the cottage. Steel windows are obviously strong and so can be made with narrow frame sections so we had to maintain the looks of the cottage and maximise the amount of natural light at the same time.

This timber casement window bay comprised 5 elements with the opening lights kept to the two end sections. The centre sections are direct-glazed for maximum light. Finished in a very appealing cream, the view from inside this bow window is magnificent.

Timber Casement Windows Installed In Rural Yorkshire Property

The Wisteria had just finished flowering on this beautiful rural property near Harrogate when we completed the installation. We installed timber casement windows complete with narrow timber glazing bars to maintain the cottage's look and appeal. Glazed with low-emissivity glass and argon-filled sealed units the heat-loss has been reduced by over 70%.

These stormproof casement windows can be supplied in softwood, sapele or oak and all come with extensive product and installation warranties.

In addition to the wooden casement windows we also installed 2 pairs of hardwood French doors, 1 of which replaced a window to open up a room to the garden.

Barn Conversion With Arched Windows

This barn conversion project near Richmond in North Yorkshire had lots of arched windows - some well over 3m tall - plus tilt-in-only windows, timber casement windows and a lovely pair of engineered timber French doors.

We used hardwood timber soles on the ground-floor windows because of an existing problem of damp conditions. The age of the property meant that modern window and door handles would look out-of-place so we used hand-forged black 'wrought iron' fittings which worked very well.

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